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About Our Programs

Ready to Become a Medical Assistant or Medical Secretary?

MPI is dedicated to each student who walks through our doors. We believe that one of MPI’s greatest strengths is the years of experience our team brings. Everyone on our team is a Certified Medical Assistant. Our training prepares a graduate to work as an entry-level assistant. Browse through this page to find typical duties of a Medical Assistant or Medical Secretary.

Duties of a Medical Assistant:

  • Assisting With Medical Exams, Procedures,
    and Treatments
  • Collecting and Processing Patient Specimens
  • Performing Routine Medical Diagnostic Tests
  • Preparing and Administering Medications
  • Scheduling, Coordinating, and Monitoring Patient Appointments
Medical Students

Duties of a Medical Secretary:

  • Coding and Billing of Medical Procedures
  • Curating Medical Records
  • Handling of Computer Tasks
  • Managing Front Office Procedures
  • Processing and Managing of Insurance Claims, Accounts Receivables, and Payables
  • Scheduling, Coordinating, and Monitoring
    Patient Appointments

Job Placement Assistance

MPI cannot and does not guarantee employment. However, we do offer job placement assistance. We will do our best to help you start your new healthcare career.

Providing Quality Educational Training Programs

MPI is approved and regulated by the Texas Workforce Commission Career Schools and College (TWC). It is the mutual goal of TWC and MPI to ensure that educational training programs of quality are provided.

When problems arise, students should make every attempt through the formal complaint procedure within MPI to find a fair and reasonable solution as outlined in the school catalog. If, as a student, you were not provided with a catalog, please inform school management.

However, in the event that a student has followed the grievance policy as stated in the school catalog, and the problem(s) have not been resolved, the student may contact TWC.

TWC Career Schools and Colleges

Click here to visit website.

The TWC assigned school number is S4800.

Choose the Right Career Path

Once you decide which career path you want to take, let us know and we will point you to the right direction. We also offer day or night classes, so you wouldn’t have to compromise your schedule as you pursue your dream career. If you want to learn more about our programs, admission requirements, medical instructors, tuition and rates, call us at 972-576-8889 or
972-576-8885 and talk to our staff.

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